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We have been serving Florida's Developmentally Disabled since 1976 and aim to provide the same quality service that has made us a leader in the field of care.

We have two agencies: St. Augustine Group Homes and Adams Acres. Each agency has six group home. St. Augustine Group Homes was started in 1999 and Adams Acres in 1978.

We specialize in serving the dually diagnosed with extreme behavioral issues. The age range of the people we serve at Adams Acres and St. Augustine Group Homes is 14 years old and up. We have an adolescent home that transitions into our adult homes.  All of our homes are designed to transition the individuals in the least restrictive setting and we (according to the Med-waiver guidelines) step them down when ever appropriate.

We have 2 full time BCBA’s, 2 full time BCaBA’s and 1 full time CBA/fl on staff. Our behavior department works closely with all of our other departments (Residential habilitation and Nursing) to ensure that our IB program provides the highest quality treatment across all settings.

We work with and have a very close relationship with our school district (which happens to be a very good one) to also ensure consistency and quality of care for the individuals that we serve that attend school.

Our sister company The Daisy Adams Center, provides the dually diagnosed individuals with various forms of mental health therapy such as, group therapy, behavior health day, psychosocial rehabilitation and  individual therapy. This allows the individuals that we serve to benefit from both behavior therapy and mental health therapy while under our care. This mental health day program is not funded by the Med-waiver however dually diagnosed individuals are eligible to receive these services.

Our residential program is funded through private pay, general revenue and the med-waiver. Our mental health program receives funding through Medicaid and various HMO's.

Most homes have 5 residents 3 bathrooms and a private swimming pool.


If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 904-824-4391.


Adams Acres, Inc
Group home operation with a long reliable history of service to our clients and the community.

Authorized by APD (Agency For Persons with Disabilities) to provide the following services:
Companion, Behavior Analysis Services, Homemaker, Transportation, Residential Rehabilitation, In-Home Supports, Supported Living Coaching, Residential Nursing, Adult Day Training, Supported Employment.

We specialize in Intensive Behavior (IB)services (all inclusive of both residential services and behavioral services.)  Much of our individuals are dually-diagnosed with both a challenging mental disorder, and developmental disability.  We currently serve individuals from age 16 to 60.


St. Augustine Group Home
Non Profit Corporation for the support, care and schooling of developmentally disabled.

Authorized by APD (Agency For Persons with Disabilities) to provide the following services:
Behavior Analysis/Assessment, Personal Care Assistance, Residential Habilitation, Residential Nursing, Supported Employment

We specialize in Behavior Focused (BF)services (all inclusive of both residential services and behavioral services.)  Much of our individuals have a single diagnosis. 


Daisy Adams Center
Day treatment facility for the education and treatment of the developmentally disabled.

We provide services such as:
Mental Health Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Behavior Health Day Treatment, Summer Day Program.

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Our goal is to enrich peoples' lives by empowering them through education and life experiences.

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